Do these shakes actually adhere to the keto diet?

Slimfast used to be all the rage in the dieting world. It was a tasy, flavored shake that could replace your meals and still give you most of the neccessary nutrients your body needs to function. The problem was that this was before studies started to show that sugar is actually the harmful substance we consume often and not fat. For years, Slimfast pushed their low-fat shakes onto the market when low-fat diet products were trending. Now that things have changed, they are offering a new high-fat, low-carb product line of their shakes and powder.

Now you may say that they are just jumping onto the next dieting trend bandwagon, but we think that this is definitely a step in the right direction. Verifiable through their nutrition facts listed directly on the packaging, all of the new keto-friendly products really do fit well into a proper ketogenic diet.

Here is a nutritional comparison between the old chocolate recipe and the new keto-friendly recipe:

As you can see from the nutrition info comparison above, the new Slimfast Keto line has drastically more fat and less carbohydrates than it’s counterpart. The carbs have also taken a massive drop, allowing you to replace 1-2 meals per day with this shake and stay in ketosis on the go. The sodium level in the new ketogenic friendly line is a bit higher in comparison as well, which is a good thing on the keto diet when trying to hit your macros.

They acheive this shift in carbohydrates by replacing the sugar in their recipe with Erythritol, an artificial sweetener. This helps the shakes still taste good, while being much more healthy overall.

Do They Taste Any Good?

Luckily, Slimfast hit it out of the ballpark with this one. Our expectations were very low before trying this out, but we were pleasantly surprised. The flavor was very tasty, with just the right amount of chocolate and sweetener to leave us feeling satisfied. It was very easy to get down, and we could definitely see ourselves replacing some of our meals with this on a weekly basis. You can carry the shake in your own insulated thermos or shaker and enjoy it for lunch after keeping in the break room fridge for the morning. We only tried them cold, but some of the reviews say they aren’t bad at room temperature either.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that these Slimfast Keto shakes are actually a decent choice to incorporate into your keto diet plan as long as you have the budget for them. They have a good variety of daily essential nutrients in every serving, and they taste surprisingly good. In comparison to other keto-friendly shakes on the market, these ones are definitely in the upper ranks. Try them out by ordering them off of amazon and getting free 2-day delivery with prime.